Vintage Meets Modern.

Decade Music Studios is a recording studio located in Chicago, IL owned and operated by  Adam K. Stilson and Erik Rasmussen. Located on the fourth floor of an old furniture warehouse turned artist loft, the space is uniquely inspiring.

There are 3 separate tracking rooms and a control room that together cover 1,000 sq/ft. Adjacent to the recording studio is a 1,000 sq/ft lounge area with huge windows providing a nice view of the neighborhood.

Work flow.

MCI JH-428B 24 bus analog mixing console. Countless classic records have been made on MCI consoles. T.Rex, Joy Division, The Damned, Kraftwerk, CSN, Here We Go Magic, Jonathan Wilson, Jean-Michel Jarre, Judas Preist, Elton John, Bob Dylan and so many more have made records on the MCI 400 series console. 

Analog sound.

The Burl Mothership has redefined digital recording. For anyone who has felt that digital recording has been lacking soul, warmth and musicality, the Mothership is the answer.